This week in My Life on the Mountain

Well it’s been another quite week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

I am early this week, because I will be very busy tomorrow moving the snowmobile back here, and gathering more stone for my wall.

The chipmunks are out again, Jade has taken to chasing them,  I am going to have to teach her that’s not what good dogs do.

My old truck has caused me no end of trouble this past week,  first the tail light needed replaced,  then the rear brakes, which caused me a whole day because the drums refused to budge.

Down at Bud’s diner, the dishwasher broke down, so for most of the week,  folks were using paper plates. I jokingly said when I got my order of biscuits and gravy, that this was the fine china, getting a chuckle from the old loggers around the table.

Building a stone wall near the end of my driveway is proving quite a task, you would think living on a mountain of stone that it wouldn’t be hard to put something together.  But it is harder than it seems finding just the right size stone to use, too small and the wall will be unstable.  Too big and I won’t be able to lift it. Building it is fun, fitting stones together to form a solid wall is an art form that isn’t in use today, so I am learning, sometimes I feel an old New England farmer standing over my shoulder saying “Aya, you got her theya.”

Well that’s all the news for the week.

Bye for now.


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