Weekly update

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Memorial day went well, though I was told that the crowd that gathered was small this year compared to the last few years. It seems folks are less interested in honoring the dead than getting in a good long weekend away from work.

Since I am now a member of the American Legion, and got asked to not only read a poem I wrote, but also be part of the firing squad for the 21 gun salute, things are taking an interesting turn. Now I have been asked if I would like to be a permanent member of the squad. And though I wasn’t really planing on being a full time member of the legion, as I really don’t like being around too many people anymore,  it’s nice hanging around with others that served. There is once again a fellowship between men who have seen the dark side of life. There is, and probably always will be, a bond there, regardless of which war , or peace we served in. Since most of the people from my old unit are so far away, these guys are a good substitute, all the good natured ribbing and dark humor is there, and I can feel at easy again.

Cycotes are back in the area, which means the wolves have moved on, since a wolf will kill a cycote when they catch one. I prefer the wolves myself, they stay clear if the cabin, only watching the goings-on from a distance. I know they are close, but we leave each other alone.

My stone wall is coming along nicely, though it’s taking far more stone than I originally thought, and I might not run it back up to the holes already dug for a gate, instead I might move the gate, which is far easier than building another wall.

Down at Bud’s diner, the new dishwasher was installed right before the long weekend,  so the fine china has once more been put away until it’s needed,  hopefully not for quite some time.

Allen is already gathering firewood, he is board, at the rate he is going, he will have enough to last him for years to come, though I doubt there will be a tree left on his property. Right now he is taking the fallen ones that were left behind from an old logging operation many years ago,  but at the rate he is cutting,  he will run out by fall, and will probably start on the standing ones.

The temperature has been cool until yesterday,  now it’s climbing into the 80’s,  experts, and the old loggers down at Bud’s,  are calling for another hot dry summer again, and probably a bad winter. Allen was showing me the growth rings of a tree that blew down last winter, pointing out the tight rings from around 15 years ago showing some very wet years, and the rings from the last few years that weren’t as tight that show dryer years. Soon we will get a real winter up here, 10 or more feet of snow. I hope by then I am prepared for it.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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