This week’s news

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

It’s June and the temperature has been rising, making work outside slow, lots of breaks for ice tea and water.

I wish to wax phylogenetic today since there’s not much that has changed up here since last week.

I often wonder what Thoreau would think of our society today, were he granted a few days from the grave.

We have become a society obsessed with useless trinkets. There seems to be no greater joy than spending one’s hard earned money on some gadget that does nothing to enrich our lives. Take the newest trend, the Fit bit, in my humble opinion,  the most useless and stupid thing ever invented. I am sure Henry David would recoil in horror at the thought of people throwing money away on something that tells you how many steps you have taken in any given day. He would say, just get out into the forest and walk, never mind how many steps it is, since there is no destination in the woods.

Sit by a quite pond and enjoy the solitude, or marvel at the universe in a star-filled sky.

Life is too short to just work, pay bills, worry about how many steps you have taken, and die.

All we are doing is marking our steps to the grave with blinders on to the marvelous  world around us.

Thoreau wrote about living simply back in the 1800’s when life as a whole was much simpler than it is now. We as a people  need that simplicity again, shiny trinkets do nothing to make us happy, yet a walk in among the trees will renew our souls.

I live among the wonders of nature every day, missing not the glitter and falsehood the modern world.  I revel in the morning sunrise and look upon the evening sunset with joy.

The simple pleasure of watching a chipmunk feeding at my bird feeder gives me more joy than any trinket could ever do.

Waking to find a moose has been close, fills me as no fancy thing will ever do.

Well, that’s my news for the week, bye for now.


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