This Week on the Mountain

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.
Seems the weather can’t make up its mind lately, last weekend was sunny and warm, now it’s raining, cold, with a chance of snow.
Had to work on my old truck last weekend, the door latch was worn out, as were the bushings on the hinge pins. The door wasn’t lining up any longer and sometimes wouldn’t latch. Everything working fine now, like a new door.
The latch on the passenger side needs replacing also, but it seems every wrecking yard I had talked to has parts for the drivers side, but all the doors for the other side are in such good shape, they want to sell the whole door and not just the guts. New latches are beyond my budget right now, so I will put up with it until I can find the parts.
Allen has been busy cutting trees since he hasn’t anything else to do with his time. By winter, he will have enough firewood for the next ten years.
Disabled vets are paid next to nothing in disability pay, and as a result have to resort to other means to get by, I am no exception.
Earlier this week I went to Second Harvest in a nearby town to supplement my food, as my expenses sometimes leave me a bit short on food. I got more fresh vegetables and fruits than I can possibly eat before they go bad. So I boxed some up and took them to Allen, who is only living on his Social Security, which also isn’t enough. Allen was happy to get my offering and yesterday, after he went to pick up his monthly allotment of food from the food back, handed me two bags of cornmeal flour.
This kind of thing harkens back to the depression days of the 30’s when neighbor helped neighbor. This is what we do up here on the mountain,and we both benefit from it. I believe more people would benefit from this kind of relationship, nowadays one hardly knows the person living next door, let alone those living in their town. We need to go back to that simpler time, I believe we would be much happier as a people.
Well ,that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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