This week’s news

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

For those of you familiar with Garrison Keillor and his weekly talk about Lake Wobegon on a prairie home companion, you will notice I borrow heavily from him in my intro. I hope he appreciates it if he happens to stop by.

Though his characters are, to the best of my knowledge, made up. Mine are real people,  I just changed the names to protect the innocent, or the guilty.

Was down at Bud’s diner a few days ago having breakfast, Bud was there, though the old loggers weren’t in holding court. Bud is getting on in years and is looking to sell the diner, he even offered it to me. I told him I would have to win the lottery first, or one of my books would have to make me famous.

Allen came by yesterday to give me a hand hauling logs up from the slash piles. The lumber company burned off those piles last winter, but there is still quite a bit of wood left untouched by the flames, most of it is a good ways down the bank and I had been cutting it to manageable lengths and lugging it up to the road by hand. A rather long and dangerous process, given the fact of all the branches and stumps, most of which are covered by the brush, that are underfoot and create a trip hazard. Allen and I used a Snatch block,  kind of a pulley setup, and a hundred feet of rope. This made the job much easier and considerably less deadly, going to do it again next week since I found another place the flames missed.

Today I am working on solar panels. After much thought and planning, I decided that mounting them on the porch roof would be the best option,  this way they will be out of deep snow should we get an above average winter, and the way I planned it, they should not impede snow from sliding off the roof. The other benefit is they will be up high and catch more light during the shorter winter days when the sun barely comes above the top of the mountain above me.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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