This week’s news

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

August is turning out to be a hot month, we have had very little rain lately, but that’s fine. I have been working on my firewood for this coming winter and have almost enough I believe, though more is better.

Down at the slash piles, I have discovered a few large logs that were buried together near the road. They don’t appear to have any rot and are around twenty feet long or so.20160818_081821 I don’t know why these were buried like they were, but last month’s rain has uncovered them enough for me to check out. Next week with Allen’s help, I think we will drag them up on the road. These logs, and the few I have waiting to cut on my lower lot,  should give me more than enough wood.

There is one other log down there I have been trying to figure out how to safely get it cut and hauled out. It’s around two feet in diameter, and thirty feet long. It sits with both ends on solid ground and the center is about eighteen inches or so off the ground. It’s big, heavy and dangerous, but would give me a start on next year’s firewood.20160818_081424 I don’t know what the logging company used it for, maybe as a stop for smaller logs, nor why it was left behind, but it’s a waste of good wood. I have been thinking about this log for over a year now, how to get it out without it rolling down the bank after it’s cut, and how to get it out safety. I hate waste.20160818_081434

Allen had been so bored that he wasn’t even hauling wood in anymore. Thanks to the free lumber I have been finding lately, he is now building a small addition onto his small cabin. This will give him a place to store a lot of things that are now underfoot in his one room cabin.

My diesel generator should be repaired soon, I will be happy to have it back.

Down in town, they are getting ready for the county fair which starts next week. I will be avoiding town while it’s here. Don’t care for crowds.

Down at Bud’s diner, the old loggers have been pontificating on this year’s winter, most point to the abundance of pine cones on the pines around here,  there are a lot more than I have ever seen up here, while others say the old farmers almanac is calling for cold, but average snow. We can only wait, time will tell.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


One thought on “This week’s news

  1. It seems like this post is the calm before the storm. It is good the pilgrims have a neighbor like you to give a lending hand to help them get established. Hopefully, when the dust settles, quiet will return to the mountain. Enjoyed your posts, looking forward to following. I too have finally got my wood stores ready for winter, and I am still running across more to squirrel away.


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