My week up here, and it’s been crazy

Well, it’s been another  (somewhat ) quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

I’m writing this early this week because I have so much to do tomorrow that I’m not sure if I’ll have the time.

Where to start.

Many families have tried to make a go at living up here, and for one reason or another have not been worth my time to write about. Some have been trash, running away from the law as in one case, and drag their kids along. Others have gotten into trouble with the law soon after moving up here and left in a hurry.

Winter’s first snow is enough to run some off when they realize just how hard it is to get up and down.

Well last Thursday as I was sitting here watching a movie and enjoying a cup of tea, there was a knock on my back door. When I answered it I found to kids looking a bit haggard and somewhat nervous. They told me that their van had overheated coming up the mountain and their mother had sent them on to find the neighbors close to where they were moving.

I found out they were related to Earnest T and were taking over his cabin for a time, for reasons I will not get into here.

I piled the kids into my truck and headed down to where their van had died, I found their mother and three younger children, all scared and nervous, tired and hungry. I loaded them all up along with some of their clothes and a few other things they might need for the night and hauled them up to Ernest T ‘s cabin.

Upon unloading them at the cabin, it was discovered that the generator left behind wasn’t working,  and they had no propane for cooking. So I loaded them up once again and hauled them up to my cabin, fed them and got them all bedded down for the night as it was dark by now.

A couple of days later, they came up for showers since, without power, they had no running water, I at least had a full tank of water and after heating it, they all got cleaned up.

I have spent the last few days hooking up propane and hauling in water for them, as well as food until they can get on their feet. I have found out the husband is still in Montana, finishing out his two-week notice before he comes this way on Friday.

I did manage to borrow a small generator,  but it’s not enough to run the water pump, and I have a friend that was able to tow the van up to the cabin so they could unload their belongings.

Today Allen loaded his generator up and hauled it down so they could fill their water jugs and flush the toilet. Tomorrow afternoon he will do the same and continue to do it until the husband arrives,  which is expected by noon Saturday.

I managed to get some firewood cut yesterday  but have been busy helping this family get settled in. I am a bit behind,  but I should catch up soon, the oldest kids have offered to help.

But that’s life on the mountain,  we help each other. As it should be.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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