More evening thoughts

The days are getting shorter again. The foliage around the cabin is dying, and the berries that are coveted by all are now dry and falling from their branches.

Life moves so fast at times, even up here. There never seems to be enough time to get things done, yet somehow I manage.

Preparing for winter seems to be the only thing I do around here, yet I find time to do other things.

Evening is setting in now, and a slight breeze is blowing,  drawing smoke from the fire south of me across the ridge and into town.

All is quiet here, yesterday’s planes fighting the fire are gone now.

Rabbits are coming out from under the cabin looking for their evening meal, and somewhere nearby a moose steps cautiously out onto the road, looking for me or Allen to come up or down, then crossing to it’s feeding ground.

Another day has come to a close, I am enjoying tea and the radio this evening.

I wish you all well. Bye for now.


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