This week’s news

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

A fire started last Saturday down in a valley outside of town, far enough away,  yet close enough to have been a threat if the winds had started coming out of the south. Firefighters were on it pretty quickly and planes flew overhead at nearly treetop level dropping fire retardant on it, that is was under control and out within a few days.20160828_093246

I’m in the final push to get things finished before snow flys. Mostly stiff and sore by the end of the day, and I can’t afford to take a few days to recover.

Some projects I have decided can wait another winter, like rainwater storage, I managed just fine last year hauling water in. One project I decided I needed was a shed to keep my snowmobiles out of the weather, so that is now as finished as it will get until next spring, it will keep both machines dry and I won’t have to dig them  out from under a few feet of snow if I need them.snowmobile shed

More firewood is on my list of things to finish, I would much rather have more than I need, then find myself hunting it when there is snow on the ground.20160827_192841

I also started building a solid cab from plywood on my UTV, I have never liked the fabric cab I bought two years ago, and the zippered doors never worked right, I finally took them off when the zippers failed.

I haven’t seen the pilgrims this week, but now that her husband is here, they have a running vehicle and can fend for themselves,  though I think they are realizing they can’t spend the winter up here. With no way up or down after it snows and no way to keep the road open, they are looking to move into town.

Jack, our on again off again resident, has decided he wants to spend more time up here this winter. He showed up a few days ago and Allen has been helping him, leaving me free to finish my own preparations.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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