This week’s news

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Last Friday, as I was going out to take down the hummingbird feeders,  I had a young bull moose hanging out just below my deck. He didn’t seem inclined to hang around long, after he saw me above him. I talked to him for a minute until he decided to head for my lower lot. I think he’s the one bedding down in a patch of wild raspberries down there.

I’ve been building a shed for my two snowmobiles, I don’t want to be digging them out of the snow this winter if I need them. I’m hoping the UTV doesn’t have any major issues this year, but you never can tell. I will be getting it and both snowmobiles ready for winter next week. I have three more sealed bearings to replace and a CV boot on the UTV. Don’t want a repeat of last year’s bearing failure.

Down in town, Bud’s diner closed right after labor day, this came as a bit of a shock since Bud never told anyone, not even his employees.

Now me and the old loggers will have to find a new place to haunt in the morning.

The pilgrims are getting settled in,  though I believe they will be living in town soon. They haven’t got the means to get in and out after the snow hits.

I did loan them my old gas genorator, because the one the husband brought in was too small to run their water pump. Mine is big enough to handle it, and he replaced the carburetor on it with the one from a genorator Ernest T had left behind that wasn’t running. Now mine starts and runs fine. They told me when they move to town they will return it so I will have a backup again.

Allen has been by a few times just to pass the time and pick up some lumber he needs to finish the addition he is building. Jack has left again, though he says he will be back later this month to finish preparing for the coming winter. He is not the most motivated person when it comes to getting firewood in. I have no idea how he will survive up there.

There is another guy that has moved in on a lot his buddy ownes, he is putting up a teepee. I don’t know much about him, so far only his name and that his plan is to stay the winter. It should be interesting if he plans on living in the teepee. My winter could be filled with mutable rescues and much work on my part helping unprepared pilgrims.

That’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “This week’s news

  1. Yes, winter storms are coming. So far the winter before last was mild, not much snow up this high and I was able to get my truck back into my yard in the middle of April. Most years it’s the end of May before I can get it back up the mountain.
    I pretty much start preparing as soon as I can drive in. And though I have the means to get in and out. I like to be stocked up on dry goods by the first of November.

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  2. Hi, It sounds interesting but also hard work living on the mountain! Are Winter storms guaranteed to arrive there every year, or is it a case of having to be prepared just in case – and when is the cut-off date for you to have everything stocked up and ready for the Winter?


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