Weekend update

Allen offered some firewood to the pilgrims this morning,  so I took the husband over and we loaded up some . I got eighteen pallets cut up and put the ignition switch in the diesel generator. I left the power switch on a few days ago and it wouldn’t crank, so I took the battery down to Larry’s place and put it on a charger for the night. Went into town for gas for Allen’s genorator, which I am still using, and glued the headliner back up in my truck.

Doesn’t seem like I really did much, but boy am I tired.

About half of the flooring got sanded by the oldest boy, some was wet still from the last rain, so it’s sitting out where it can dry…

Bought a new handle for my splitting maul yesterday, they had to order one in since for some reason I don’t understand, they don’t carry replacements on hand. This seems odd in a logging town.

Anyway got the head off the old broken handle and tried fitting it on the new one. It doesn’t fit, won’t go all the way down and it’s too narrow at the top to fill the space fully in the head.

I got to looking at it and it’s not even a handle from the same manufacturer.

They told me this was the only one available. If you sell a brand, maybe you should buy replacement parts made by the same brand. Now I have to go in Monday and show them it isn’t going to work. Maybe this time they will order the right brand…


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