This week on the mountain

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.
The pilgrims are getting settled in, both have jobs now, but still haven’t found a place in town to rent, so it looks like they will be up here for the winter. Which presents another problem, they have no firewood and no chainsaw. I am down two and cannot afford to loan mine.
The other thing they need to get through their heads is you can’t start working at ten in the morning and then quit a few hours later to help the wife and herd the kids. A few times he offers to help, and by the time he shows up, I have everything finished. This will not work if they hope to survive up here. I can only do so much; they have to put forth some effort.
Down in town, the old loggers have found a new hangout since Bud’s diner closed.  It is a place right on Main Street called My Kitchen. They don’t open as early as Bud’s did, but they are now planning on opening at four AM to accommodate those that head to work early. Also, three of the gals that worked at Bud’s have found employment there, so that’s been a good thing for them, no break in a paycheck.
Up here at my place, I am still getting things ready for this coming winter’s snows. I have ordered the parts I need to fix the UTV and fuel line for the snowmobiles. The UTV will take a few days to change out old bearings for new, then an oil change and grease. Plus I am building a cab out of plywood to make things a bit more comfortable on those cold snowy or freezing rain days. I plan on using the snowmobile most of the time, going from my cabin to Allen’s or checking on the pilgrims and Jack, if he’s here. snowmobile shed
Don’t know if I mentioned this in last week’s update, but now there appears to be a guy planning on living up here, nowhere near me, in a teepee this winter. This is not the smartest idea I have heard, and as I have had my fill of pilgrims for the year, he can be someone else’s headache. Larry has been by his place a few times but hasn’t found him there, though the teepee is all set up and there is evidence that he is getting ready.
I don’t want to appear cold, but I have my own needs for this winter, and more pilgrims are not in my plans as I am already a month behind in my own preparations, and I am still dealing with the family of pilgrims below me.
Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “This week on the mountain

  1. I hear your frustrations. I am sadden to see our neighbors surrender to circumstances and leave their property behind for the winter, but since they are not prepared, they are making the wise choice. Not understanding the Pilgrims decision to remain unprepared. Maybe they will buy their firewood bucked and split instead of attempting to gather at this late stage. A good new Stihl would almost cost them the same if not less than one season of firewood, but they are late in the game. I think snow will be flying in November maybe even a few light flurries in October again this year for our area.

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