Genorator troubles

Well, the diesel generator is down again. Taking it back to the mechanic tomorrow,  tell him to fix it and sell it. Not screwing around with it anymore. I need a reliable generator up here. The generator was supposed to be just a backup by this winter, I would run the cabin on solar and wind, starting the generator only when there wasn’t enough sun or wind to keep my batteries charged.  But thanks to costly breakdowns, I now will need a reliable generator for this coming winter.

I have posted the name of the company that builds these generators, I will continue to post not to purchase one, they build junk.


4 thoughts on “Genorator troubles

  1. Too bad about the diesel. I couldn’t afford one when we first started to build, but thought if I could make biodiesel it would be a great asset. Now, I’ve toyed with building a steam generator, but only if the world go does down the tubes, more than it has already.


    1. I have had liquid cooled Perkins diesel generators on my rig as APU ‘s, never had a problem with them. This is an air cooled Perkins and it has been nothing but trouble. I like diesel because it doesn’t go bad like gas does, as long as you keep it treated for the cold, it lasts forever.
      I bought it while I was still driving a rig and not home that much. Figured it would work out fine.


  2. I have a rigid gas generator from Home Depot. It still runs after 5 years, but it has rattled off a few parts and buttons. I think my next generator will be a propane generator, so I don’t have to buy non-ethanol or gas treatment for at least one of my small engines around the place. Thanks for the heads up on this model.


    1. I had a Chinese knockoff of a Honda around here, didn’t expect it to last more than 6 months. But it held out a year and a half. When my diesel generator went down the first time in February and I had no way to haul it off the mountain, I fell back on the gas one not expecting it to last. It just finely stopped working. Looking into a better gas one now as the diesel one isn’t reliable.
      Been down 3 more times in as many months this summer. Once only running a few days before it broke down. I only use it a few hours a day to chill my refrigerator, so you would think it would be fine since it’s built for construction work.

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