Things just get stranger around here.

I often question my own sanity up here when the weather turns cold and winter approaches. But I grew up in New England and winter is just another thing to deal with.

Having said that, now I am beginning to question the sanity of most people.

The pilgrims showed up a bit ago and were telling me they met the gal that owns the lot below them. Seems her husband bought the property a few years ago and dreamed about moving to an off-grid life. Well, he recently died and hs widow now plans on building a cabin on the land and living here year round. She even had a contractor here over the weekend looking at the land.

Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but she lives in Louisiana and has never lived or driven in snow country before and is under some delusion that, because she has a pickup, she will be able to just drive in all year long…

Let that sink in a moment.

Not exactly sure when the building will start, but I doubt this year, so by the time her cabin is built, and she moves, it will be fall and she will be in the same situation as the pilgrims are now.

And to top it off, she also has seventeen dogs. Can anyone say coyote bait?

Yeah, now thinking about moving to the wilds of Alaska, it’s getting a bit strange around here.


2 thoughts on “Things just get stranger around here.

  1. Your cold weathers provide a unique challenge.. Our unique challenge is the weather on the water.. we had a guy move to our island who had never driven a boat, is afraid of rough water and is allergic to smoke (in an off grid cabin heated by a wood stove)… he didn’t last :)….. its a romantic idea until you realize how much work it is…. but we love it…!!!


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