This week’s news, finishing up around here.

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Finally got my firewood cut, split and stacked for the coming winter, though I would like another cord. Maybe I can haul in more before the snow flys.

I still need to get the UTV ready, but since Larry’s pickup broke down Saturday and is in his shop waiting for him to fix it, I will have to put my repairs on hold another few days. There are a few things I can fix up here, like the exhaust manifold gaskets and building the cab, but the axle bearings require a jack and two sets of hands to get the tracks off and on, so I will wait.

The pilgrims are buying a chainsaw tomorrow and he will be cutting wood in his off time trying to get enough in before November rolls around. Allen has offered to help him because he has quite a bit of downed trees over at his place that are easy to get to. I have one cedar still waiting to cut up near the end of my driveway that I told him he could take since I have enough cedar and don’t want anymore in my wood pile.

I’m loading up my porch with lumber for indoor winter projects now, though I plan on doing more writing than building this winter, I still need time to give my brain a rest and will pound some nails when I need time to think.

My diesel generator is still in town, the mechanic hasn’t had time to check it out. The gas one he loaned me he hasn’t used but a few hours in the last eight years so he has kind of given it to me indefinitely, so it looks like I might have a backup if the damn diesel quits again. Really don’t want to keep it, but I don’t think this late in the year I will be able to sell it and get a better one in before the road closes with the snow, so I will give it one more chance.

Hopefully be next winter I will have all the wiring finished and only have to run a generator when I need to use the old Maytag, or if we have a week of no sun or enough wind to keep my batteries charged.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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