October news

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

It seems the pilgrims have found a place in town close to where they work, and most likely be moving sometime in November. Though how they plan on that when it’s a good possibility we will have snow up here by then, but right now it’s not my problem.

I am happy for them, they wouldn’t have made it up here and things could have gotten out of hand quickly.

I have been told there is another couple that is planning on wintering up here. I haven’t seen them yet and they are on top of the mountain to the west of me. As far as I know they don’t have children, so it will be up to themselves to survive, and they are closer to Allen than me, so they will most likely find him first.

There’s been frost up here the last couple of days, winter is sending out scouts, preparing for a full assault soon I believe, much sooner than I would like, but that’s life.

It seems the more I get done, the more that needs getting done, again that’s life up here, but I can at least see the end now.

Still hoping to get, at the very least, two pickup loads of firewood in before the truck has to be left at the bottom of the hill for the duration of winter. I’m thinking this weekend regardless of the weather.

Speaking of weather, big storms are heading this way and starting Thursday, we are expecting rain, already above average rain has doused us this fall, and for at least the next five days or so we will be getting more.

Down at the diner, the old loggers have been holding court on the troubles of the world. If only things were that simple.

Well, time to stoke the fire for the night.

That’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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