My town

I’ve mentioned in the past that I borrow heavily from Garrison Keillor in his intro to his monolog on Lake Wobegon.

But unlike Garrison ‘ s fictional town, mine is real, as are the characters that inhabit it. Though I have changed a few names and some names I do not know.

So, let’s take a walk around town and I will introduce some of the folks that are often mentioned in my weekly updates.

First, there’s Larry and Moe at the bottom of the hill. Larry is retired and dabbles at woodworking, while Moe cooks and bakes, especially around this time of year her kitchen will be covered in flour and carts of ingredients will be blocking the doorways trapping their two dogs out of her way.

Next is Allen. He’s in his 60’s short and skinny as a rail. He almost didn’t make it his first year up here and even left for three weeks after Christmas. When he came back he was more determined to survive and has made great strides to be better prepared for this winter.

Then there’s the pilgrims. They will be leaving the mountain soon and I will most likely not see them again so they will fade from the story.

Next are the old loggers that hold court every morning, first at Bud’s diner until it closed, now at My Kitchen, a small diner on Main Street.

I call them the old loggers, though they come from every profession. They have lived in town most all their lives and have known each other since school days. The local sheriff joins them now each morning until his day starts, having his regular glass of ice tea before work.

Then there’s Lynn, a waitress from Bud’s diner that should have retired, but went to work at My Kitchen instead. I haven’t talked about her much, but she is one of the characters and will show up from time to time.

Another character that will be popping in soon is Steve, the manager at one of the local markets. Steve always has a smile on his face and a great personality, often joking around with the customers he knows well as he’s ringing up their groceries. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work him into some of my weekly updates. It will happen.

That’s pretty much the cast of characters in the small town below me, as I meet others they will be added as time goes on.


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