First week of November

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

It’s November now and the weather is mild so far.

The rain has let up for a few days, allowing everything to dry out before the next round of storms. Though, the next round will most likely be snow since some of the taller peaks to the east of me are already sporting a crown of snow.

It seems there are two new families up here now; they are above me and to the west, closer to Allen than me. I can see a 5th wheel trailer from Allen’s cabin, and I hope they are not planning on living in it all winter.

The south side of the mountain gets the snow drifts, ten to twelve feet is what Allen had outside his cabin last winter; so, if these new folks plan on living in the trailer, I hope they don’t mind being buried.

The other folks that are up here are not far from the trailer. Allen told me yesterday that there were a mother and son that have been living up there all summer. Funny, I have never met them going up or down.

I don’t know how prepared these new folks are for winter.  I haven’t seen any sign of a snowmobile or UTV anywhere around either place.

It’s not unusual for some people to want to get away from civilization; everyone has their own reasons, but if you live in such a place, it’s a good idea to know your neighbors. In an emergency, help can be a long time getting up here, and knowing a neighbor could make all the difference in survival. But if they don’t want to be social, I can’t force it.

Scared a young moose cow a few days ago coming up the road. I stopped and it stopped.  I think it’s the one I was talking to last year since it doesn’t seem to be that upset around me.

Wolves were running something down yesterday morning close by my place. They got my dogs all worked up. Later, a coyote came right into my yard close to the porch. I think it was after one of the many rabbits that live under my cabin.

Coyotes don’t normally stick around when wolves are present and don’t hunt in packs, one or two is the norm for them. So, I know the wolves were around first since there was more than two that I could hear. The coyote stuck around close to my cabin for a while, probably trying to avoid the wolves. It moved on after the sun came up and I haven’t seen it since.

I’m finishing up the UTV, putting the doors on it and cutting the windows out, I should have it ready in a few days, then it’s on to the snowmobile. I had to order the right size gas line, and while I was at it, ordered a fuel shut off since these old 70’s machines didn’t have one. I can’t see leaving fuel sitting in the carburetor if I’m not using the machine. By next week, I should have everything ready for the snow and be leaving my truck at the bottom of the hill until spring once again.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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