An update on the pilgrims

This morning, as I was heading into town (in the dark), I came across two of the kids walking down to the end of the road to catch the bus.

Now, for the last few mornings, I have had wolves hanging out nearby. I think a pack has moved into the area.

So I picked up the kids and dropped them off at the bottom of the hill.

Later on, I found out their car had a flat, for two days, and they had done nothing to get it fixed.

Today, they called Larry and asked if he could come up and take them into town to get the tire fixed.

Since Larry was about to fix the roof on his garage, I headed up to get them.

The tire was still on the car because they have no jack; but, they do have a brand new generator ($600).

I told them in no uncertain terms NOT TO LET THEIR KIDS WALK THE ROAD IN THE DARK!!

Their answer: We didn’t know there were wolves up here…

I’ll let that sink in…


2 thoughts on “An update on the pilgrims

    1. They claim to have lived in places like this before. But they sure don’t act like it.
      Their car has no spare and no jack, but instead of buying these things, they bought a bigger genorator. They have their priorities all messed up.

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