Warm November

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

It’s November and the weather is unusually warm. Temperatures have been in the high 50’s this week, with blue skies.

It’s warm enough that insects have come out from their winter sleep and have been pestering me.

Down in town, people are frantically raking up wet leaves in preparation for the other shoe to drop and we get snow.

Larry, Allen, and I took a ride over to an old house that a friend of Larry’s is going to tear down soon; the used lumber is up for grabs, and Allen needs it.

He is anticipating the mountain of lumber and is hoping he can get most of it up to his cabin before we get snowed in. He hopes to have enough to build his planned addition, with enough left over for a deck and, possibly, a second floor.

I myself have no use for any lumber right now, so I passed on helping tear this building down.

All of my outside work is finished, and now, with this nice weather, I wish I had more to do.

Instead, I am working on some of my inside projects and writing. By next spring, I hope to have most of the inside of the cabin finished, though, I will have to wait on the kitchen until I can replace the west side of the roof.

I have often said working on this cabin is like building a Rube Goldberg project. I have to replace the roof before I can finish the kitchen, because it leaks, and I can’t finish the roof until the spring rain has passed.

The guy that built this cabin put the metal roofing right on the roof rafters with nothing underneath. I was able to get the east side fixed before last winter, but with everything going on and not wanting to work with a hot metal roof during the summer, I waited, and the fall rains came early and didn’t let up. So, I will have to put up with it another winter.

Wolves have been close, this time it seems I have a pack to the east of me, where last winter, there was a pack about a hundred yards to the west of me that stayed around for a few months before moving on. They don’t really bother me; I know they know I’m here, and if they become a nuisance, I will persuade them to move along.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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