Thoughts under the milky way.

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this in the past, but it bears repeating.

There is no light pollution up here at night. So, on a clear night such as tonight, when I step outside, I can see every star in the sky. Including the milky way.

It’s this kind of night when you realize just how small and insignificant the human race really is.

Compared to the vastness of space, how can we believe we are the greatest creation ever?

When our own milky way is just a small spec in an infinite universe, how can we think we are all-powerful?

Standing out under the stars, one begins to know true peace.

One understands just how insufficient we really are, and just how short life really is.

Under the stars, one can forgive others as no one can elsewhere.

Life is fragile, the universe is great. Live, love and above all, laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously.

That’s my thoughts by the evening fire and under the milky way.

Bye for now.


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