A little fun this morning. Or how to use a moose as a snowmobile jump.

I decided to head over to Allen’s cabin early this morning. it was just after sunrise and I wasn’t thinking.

I got my old snowmobile fired up. I should mention here that something is wrong with the carburetor or the fuel pump I  have to spray gas into the carburetor, then try to start it. Once it starts, I have to spray gas in from time to time until it decides to run on its own.

Anyway, it’s cold, and I’m in a hurry to get the mile or so to Allen’s cabin.  I’m not really paying much attention to anything but the trail right in front of me. I came around a blind corner only to damn near run over a cow moose that had bedded down right in the middle of the road!  I wasn’t sure if she would get out of the way before I collided with her.

I must say, I have never seen a moose jump that high, or move that fast.

Once she got moving, I backed off the throttle until she figured out where she wanted to go. The whole time she was making up her mind, I had my hand on my .45, ready to pull it and fire above her head should she decide to come at me.  Luckily,  she wasn’t too keen on charging me and headed off the road. I gunned the motor and flew past her before she could change her mind.


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