If things get any crazier up here. Or, why I’m starting to think about Alaska.

Well, it’s been an interesting week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

More snow has fallen, leaving me with close to two feet up here. I’ve been keeping trails packed, as has Allen.

There is a bit of a mystery going on up here and I have no explanation for it.  Two nights ago, somebody plowed the road from the bottom to somewhere past my road. I am a mile and a half from the bottom and the road runs another almost two miles beyond me.  So someone took all night to plow almost four miles of road, and with a bobcat on tracks no less.

So far there’s no evidence of use by anyone but myself and Allen. There are no fresh tracks past my road.

Now I believe there are two families living above me.  Though I have seen no sign of one of the families, the other has a 5th wheel trailer and two pickups on their lot, and Allen has heard a generator running from time to time.  There is also someone living below me near the spring a little more than halfway down.

None of these folks have the proper equipment to get up and down this mountain at this time of year. So, this whole plowing thing has us baffled. In some places, the road was plowed just wide enough for me to get my UTV through; no way a truck could get through that.

Other than that, things have fallen into the normal winter pattern up here:  shovel off the shed roofs, haul in snow to melt in the rain barrel to use for showers and dishes, bring in the day’s firewood, maintain the machines and pack trails, and visit Allen (or he comes by here).

I’ve been doing a bit of wiring on my 12-volt system, hoping to finish it soon so I won’t have to run the generator quite as often as I do now; only firing it up to charge the batteries when there’s not enough sun or wind to do the job. I’m also working on the bathroom. I want it finished by spring, then I can start on another room.

Got word yesterday that the guy we refer to as Teepee Guy will be coming back up later this month.  Yes, he really does live in a teepee when he’s here. I have no idea what goes on in some people’s heads.  So that will be three of four families that have no clue about survival in a hostile environment. Yes, my winter will be interesting if nothing else.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


3 thoughts on “If things get any crazier up here. Or, why I’m starting to think about Alaska.

  1. Once I hooked my battery bank up for the first time, I ran the generator just to equalize them for a couple hours and then shut the generator off for 4 blessed days. Then I charged them up again and silence for a few more days. Silence never felt so good when the lights are on.

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    1. Most everything I have runs on 12 volts, even the TV. I’m using glass mat golf cart batteries hooked in parallel. Once I get the rest of the wires run, I have it set up to only draw off one battery at a time. The refrigerator will be plugged into an inverter and I should only have to run the genorator once a week…

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      1. Are you using a freezer converted to a refrigerator? It’s pretty easy to do, costs about $60 for the conversion part with easy install, and saves a lot of electricity. A weeks before generation is excellent. We last about 5 days and then need to start the generator. I am dreaming about one day converting to a 48 volt system and have more stored power to almost never have to bring out the generator.

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