The cold has everything at a standstill up here.

It’s so cold up here nothing wants to start. The UTV is cranking like it’s sunk in mud. I remembered the battery is three years old and likely not up to the task any longer. I have it on a slow charge now hoping to get it warmed up enough for one more start, then it’s off to NAPA for a new one. The snowmobile is like pulling a tank out of the mud by hand, not going to happen. It’s -1 in town, which means it’s colder up here.

Good day to stay inside by the fire.

The only thing I really need from town is gas for the generator, but I can stretch that out until Monday if I have to.

That’s life on the mountain. Not worth worrying about, it is what it is.


One thought on “The cold has everything at a standstill up here.

  1. My generator was being stubborn when it dropped below -10 degrees. I think the oil was so cold, it was resisting each pull. I am going to get a few cans of starter fluid to have ready for the next time, so my arm, shoulder, back, and hip don’t have to be worn out to warm up to motor. I will spray a little starter fluid in the air filter/carburetor and fire it up.


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