An addition to yesterday’s post.

Well let’s review the day, shall we?

Got my old Artic Cat running and took it down the hill. Then got it buried trying to get through to Allen’s cabin and walked home. Fired up the UTV to go pull it out and somehow the plastic piece that goes through the fuel tank got broken. Glued it back together and am waiting until tomorrow so it has plenty of time for the epoxy to set up. Then went up to Teepee guy’s place with my other snowmobile to get his help pulling the Cat out, only to hit a snow drift so hard the machine stopped and I kept going. Yup, right over the handle bars and into the snow. Now, I should mention here that in order to get that particular machine to start after it has sat for a bit, is to squirt a small amount of gas into the carburetor. This usually makes it start on the first pull. So the machine stalled and the bottle I use to squirt the gas in with dumped over and lost what little gas it had. Therefore, after I got the machine dug out and turned around, I couldn’t get it started.

It’s a good thing I don’t panic. Pulled the fuel line off the carburetor and drained the gas into my bottle. The gas filled the line again before I had it secured back on the carburetor, and with one pull, had it started again… couldn’t find Teepee Guy and came home. Now my back is sore and I am tired… Oh, it’s going to be another fun day tomorrow breaking through the snow drift below me… The Cat is still buried by the way… will get it out tomorrow sometime.

Let’s not forget the injured moose either. Or the fact I’m 55 and really don’t need to be flying over the hood of my snowmobile.

Yes,  it was an interesting day.


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