Bitter cold, and mechanical trouble.

Well, it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

My side by side is down. I lost all forward gears this morning. Still have reverse. So tomorrow I will tow it to Larry’s, since it’s at the bottom of the hill, and tear into it to see what needs to be fixed.

Something fell apart in the pull cord of the Artic Cat, and when I put it back together, nothing worked. So this morning, with the help of Teepee Guy (he was nice enough to give me a ride back up this morning), we figured out what was put together wrong and fixed it. Works fine now.

It’s been below freezing most of this week, with temperatures dropping further during the night, so keeping the fire going has been an on-going thing. Once or twice during the night when I get up, I throw a log or two in the stove.  Then in the morning, it doesn’t take long to warm this place up.

Teepee Guy has been spending his days leveling off the snow drifts below me. He isn’t all that comfortable riding his snowmobile yet and hasn’t quite got the leaning thing down. So, he would rather level off the drifts than risk his machine rolling over.

Allen has been by a few times, he has been working on the snow drifts on his side of the mountain, and since he gets more wind than I do, it’s a daily chore knocking the drifts down.  Me, I don’t get too concerned about the drifts, not much bothers me since the war, and I refuse to let snow interfere with my travels.

Been keeping busy up here, morning chores take much of my time. Hauling in snow for the rain barrel and bringing in the day’s firewood take me longer than a healthy person because of my disability. But I manage just fine.

Another snow storm is moving in this weekend, winter isn’t done with us yet. I only have about half the snow I would normally get in winter; though I am looking forward to spring again already.

No one has seen the injured moose in a week so I am assuming she is dead now, the wolves or cycotes probably got her. I hope she survived, but if so, her leg will be useless the rest of her life.

I haven’t been to town in a while, so the goings on there I don’t know about.

Mostly been dealing with the cold and equipment here; as with any winter, things break. But, that’s life on the mountain.

Well, that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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