Just an average day on the mountain.

Dishes washed, bed made. Both cats are asleep on it now. Funny how they won’t go to sleep on it until it’s made, spoiled cats.

I’ve been in pain since yesterday. I think the change in the weather might be a factor. I will push through it and get the day’s chores done still.

Christina has it made.  Since she works in town, I keep the cabin running. She comes home to a hot meal and the tea water heated and ready.  Up here, there’s no such thing as “woman’s work” or “man’s work,” there’s just work. She does help bring in the next day’s firewood because each of us making three trips to the wood pile is easier on us than one person doing six trips.

Having a fuel pump issue with my snowmobile today and will be out there working on it soon. I really need a permanent fix, but that would mean it would be down for a few days and we can’t afford that. So, I will jury rig something to keep it running until summer when I can repair it right.

That’s life up here. You need some knowledge of how things work and how to repair them, even if it’s just cobbled together until you can repair it right. If you don’t, you won’t survive long. Allen hasn’t the necessary skills, but he has me, and he and I have helped each other in the past.


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