My day; Or how to get killed by a sled.

My day…  This morning we were running late and the ignition on my snowmobile was frozen. I got Tina’s machine fired up and sent her down the mountain. I took the ignition switch out, brought it inside, and got it thawed out. Now, I needed to meet Tina at the bottom of the mountain on her lunch break so I could go into town to do laundry. The hitch on the sled was damaged the last time we skated on the ice below, and I had no safe way to secure it to the hitch on the snowmobile.

I decided to tie it to the bumper of the machine with a 1″ strap… loose so it could ride behind me without binding up. Big mistake.

Not even one hundred feet from the end of my driveway the tongue of the sled comes loose and digs into the snow, causing the sled to become airborne and try riding up my back. I tied it tighter to the bumper and proceed once again. About halfway down to the grader on the first sharp corner, I realized the sled was no longer behind me. Rather than turn around, I walked uphill until I found it. I pushed it down in front of me back to the snowmobile and once again tied it off. This time it went forward as I was breaking and smashed the brake light lens and bulb.  Well, shit.  Other than a new seat cover, this machine was in great shape.  Now I have to find a new lens for a machine that hasn’t been in production since ’75.

I almost made it the rest of the way down when, once again, it decides to break loose. This time, because now I’m on the ice, it tries to pass me. Luckily, the tongue hits a rough spot on the ice and it heads for the snowbank. I rode down close to Tina’s machine before walking back up and dragging it down.

While in town, I stopped in the local hardware store and bought a metal clip to secure it to the hitch.

Another fun day on the mountain. Never a dull moment around here.


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