This week’s news

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

March snowstorms came roaring in about the last week of February, dumping four feet of fresh snow on us.

Allen had to dig himself out twice and hasn’t yet been able to check on Jacks cabin.

For those of you new here, Jack is another old guy that comes and goes up here. He wants to live here year round, but doesn’t care for the road in the summer, and has no way to get in or out during the winter. He is an interesting character to say the least.

Now rain and warm temperatures are the order of the week, and so far all the snow we got in the past storms has melted once more.

Flooding is becoming a concern in town the last couple of days.

The old loggers have been pontificating on this strange turn in the weather. Some calling it global warming, while others are just calling it weather.

Up here, I am impatient for spring and the summer building I need to finish before next winter. Though it will be mid May before the ground up here is bare enough to start building.

Cherry creek is once more overflowing its banks, causing problems along the dirt road that bears the same name. The county has sent in a grader a few times to try and stave off road erosion as the creek runs so close to it in places.

I saw the first moose near here in a while yesterday. It was ahead of me as I rounded a corner. It didn’t stop long since it didn’t like the noise of my snowmobile, and jumped off the road into the woods the first opportunity it had.

Two days ago, while working on my snowmobile down below the cabin, where it broke down, I had a cycote watching me the whole time I was there. It would yip or bark occasionally to let me know it was still watching me, even after two trips back up to the cabin for a warmup and tools. Cycotes aren’t the bravest of critters, so I was unconcerned with its presence nearby. I even spoke to it once or twice letting it know I knew it was there.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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