This week’s news, and more rain

Well it’s been another quiet (and rainy) week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Flowers are blooming in town now. Up here, there’s still a little over a foot still in my yard.

Allen’s side most likely has much less since he’s on the south side and gets more sun. Soon he won’t be able to get out by snowmobile, and will have to resort to hiking until he can drive his pickup in.

The road down is showing bare sports now, making driving down by snowmobile difficult, dodging bare spots and the occasional icy spots.

The way the snow melts off, driving our trucks in won’t happen until the first part of next month.

Still waiting on the motor for the UTV to return from it’s second rebuild. I really could use it now.

We are down to just one snowmobile now. The Yamaha decided to go full throttle by itself last Thursday, almost taking me off the bank with it since I was standing next to it while starting it.

If I had been sitting on it, I could have controlled it until I got to the kill switch. Now it sits aginest a tree about twenty feet down the back.

Hopefully this weekend, with Allen’s help, we can get it back up on the road and access the damage. I think it’s salvageable, but won’t know for sure until this weekend.

It’s raining today, hard at times, and flood warnings have gone up in town once more.

The weather service is predicting three days of rain, which will do much clearing the snow off the road, but make driving a snowmobile that much more difficult. With any luck, I should be able to get the pickup closer to the cabin by the middle of next week. It’s already parked halfway up now, so not much longer.

I’m getting spring fever, itching to get to work on a few projects outside.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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