This week’s news, and a little about our sheriff.

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Rain is knocking the snow down, but in the process, it’s making it harder to ride the snowmobile up the road.

Luckily we got the UTV back yesterday evening, so we didn’t have to hike up from the pickup.

Tina had twisted her ankle yesterday morning and I didn’t want her walking on it.

Allen and I drug Tina’s machine up on the road last Sunday, it’s a total loss. I will be looking for another good used machine next fall. In the mean time, Allen has the twin to it at his cabin, so now if he needs parts, he can strip them from mine.

Not much else going on this week, Jack showed up, not sure how long he intends to stay this time. He wants to live up here full time, but hates the road and has no way to get around in the snow. Time will tell with him, and since he and Allen have been friends for years, he will be his problem.

Down at My Kitchen, the old loggers have been discussing the spring hunts, but most of the time the talk is about fishing.

Me, I’m waiting for the day I can get the pickup all the way to the cabin. Then it’s spring cleaning time. There’s quite a lot to do before the end of summer. Starting with finishing the roof on the west side of the cabin. The guy that built it originally had no clue about construction, putting metal roofing down right on the rafters with nothing underneath. It’s been a problem since I bought the place, and I had re done the east side two summers ago, hoping to get to the west side before long. Other things took that time and it never got done. There always seems to be one more thing that needs doing before the snow hits, and it always seems to be a bigger priority than that roof.

This year, as soon as the sprig rains stop, it will get done.

I normally sit at a table near the old loggers. Since these guys gave known each other for far too many years, I don’t want to take a seat and leave one of them out when he comes in late.

Now the Sheriff stops in mornings before starting work. He greets everyone by name… Including me. Now I don’t know if I should be nervous or happy he knows my name.

But I will say this. He knows I am carrying, it’s right there on my hip, he’s even asked me about it before. He must trust me though, twice now he has taken a seat where his back is to me.

Guess he figures I’m ok…

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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