This week’s news, and more “pilgrims ” Moving in.

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Still raining, though as I write this it’s snowing at this elevation.

I can get the pickup right up to the turn off that is my road. Another week or two and I might be able to get it in the driveway.

Allen has been reduced to hiking out. His side of the mountain still has large patches is snow, so driving in close to his cabin is out of the question.

It seems there will be more folks moving up here this summer. I found out today that a woman was at Idaho Rigging asking about a UTV with tracks so she can get into and out of her property next winter.

Seems she is planning on either building, or there is already a small cabin on her lot, which is on the road past my cabin and about halfway between Allen and us. At least she understands the road, so far. I guess she works in the city, fifty miles north and will be needing to get out every day.

Another couple is planning on moving in on a lot below us. They have heavy equipment and are planning on plowing the road down from their place. Another fool I will have to educate on mountain living. But that will come later this summer when I see evidence of building down there.

The other person of concern is the woman we have all been referring to as the loony from Louisiana. From what I have heard around town, this gal is clueless. She believes the road is county maintained and she will be able to just drive right in year round. When told that won’t be possible, she told the person that she has a four wheel drive truck and it won’t be a problem.

She also has seventeen pot bulls she plans on letting run loose to kill their own food.

I will be stocking up on ammo for my 30 30.

She, from what I can gather, is planning on have her dogs drag in any trees she cuts. Never mind that what she plans onx cutting will still be green and not burnable until the following winter. But that’s not my problem.

We are starting to think the wilds of Alaska would be suitable.

Down in town, the old loggers are still getting some mileage from the Bigfoot story, and of course our sheriff is helping it along.

This morning, one of the guys put up a sign on the side street next to the dinner saying parking for the sheriff only. This gave him quite a laugh when he drove up. I think the sign was still there when I left town this afternoon.

Up here, I am itching to get started on a few things outside. Rainwater storage is a priority this summer, as is the west side of the original roof. I need to get it tight before next winter so I don’t have any leaks again.

A greenhouse is also in my plans, if I have time.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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