This week’s news.


Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

I can almost get the pickup to the cabin, it’s just down below near what I call the thimble berry grader, a 19 50’s grader that was “given” to the residents of the mountain by the woman that owns all this property.

It’s really a big paperweight, the cost to repair it is more than it’s worth and nobody up here, (us permanent residents, of which there are two) has the money to mess with it anyway.So it sits near Earnest T ‘ s cabin, covered by Thimble berry’s in the summer, and snow in the winter.

Chipmunks are starting to come out of hiding, much to the delight of Mouse and Little Shit, the former has escaped more than once this past week, only to want back in when she figures out there is still snow in the yard.

Down at My Kitchen, the old loggers are still getting some mileage out of the Bigfoot story, and the sheriff did ask me just how much of what goes on around the table would end up in my next book. I just laughed.

I’m getting ready for the summer construction up at the cabin.Tina and I decided we wanted the entire north wall of the cabin to be glass. Since I happened to have four nice double pained window panels that used to be outside sliding glass doors, really good ones, not the cheap kind. So, when I can get my truck in, I will be hauling in the rest of what I need to do the job.

I’m hoping to get the roof done, but have to wait for this rain to let up for longer than a day before I tare off what’s there, exposing the inside to rain.

I can tare the front of the cabin apart without much concern for the weather, as long as I can get a tarp over the opening, all will be fine.

The only other thing is keeping the cats from running out. Pet carriers for them for a few days. They are not going to be happy, but better that than being eaten by a cycote.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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