A little trip down memory lane.

Feeling a bit nostalgic today for the small town I once lived in in New Hampshire, and the town next door, Sanbornville.

I hauled a pilot house for a tugboat into Portsmouth NH. a few years back, and with no return load I decided to take the weekend and roam around my old stomping grounds.

First stop was Sanbornville, still the small town it was when I lived nearby. Though Sarah’s Spa and bus stop had burned down some years earlier. I once worked for a construction company that replaced the old roof on the building, back before I joined the Navy.

Next stop was Cedar Park, where my family lived for a few years after moving from Castine Maine. The house was still there, though the barn my dad had built was long gone, torn down, or fallen down from neglect, I don’t know which.

Headed to Wolfeboro after that, past the engine house where the old Wolfeboro Railroad stored the steam engine while the line was running a tourist route that I actually worked on back in the mid 70’s.

On into town proper, where I looked at Brewster Academy, where I attended two years of high school before dropping out.

The school had grew since I left, more and bigger buildings on campus (this was a private school, kids from all over the world attended.)

I hung around town for a few hours before heading south, towards Alten Bay, another small town at the south end of Lake Winnipesaukee.

I had lived in the nearby town of Gilsum Iron works for a time after returning from the Navy. Before heading west and ending up where I am now.

It is true what they say. “You can always go home, but you can never go back.”

I guess if most of us could go back we would refuse. We can’t change what’s past, only look to the future.

Who we are now is a product of where we came from, and I, for one, wouldn’t change anything.


2 thoughts on “A little trip down memory lane.

  1. It’s true saying “you should never go back”; I’ve been back many times to my old haunts, and have been disappointed every time. Nowadays, usually the small towns, villages and countryside have been spoilt by overdevelopment!

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