Working around the cabin and this weeks news.

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

I have one small patch of snow left in my yard. A stubborn holdout, refusing to melt, even with the high temperatures we’ve been having lately.

Plants are budding out quickly, it’s as if they know they are a few weeks behind their cousins down lower on the mountain. Huckleberry, wild blackberry and wild strawberries are all trying to catch up, as if they know they only have a short time before winter once again buries them.

Now that I can drive my pickup in, I have been haunting the free sites on the Internet, looking for any useful building materials or anything else I might have a use for.

I did manage to grab a small chicken coop this past Monday, and plan on putting it to use as soon as I can build a cycote proof pen.

Since we have had more than one day of nice weather this past week, I have started some of my summer projects and added a few more to my ever growing list of things I would like to see finished.

As a result, I haven’t been in town much lately, but did have coffee with the old loggers this morning, filling then in on my latest chapter which included the Bigfoot story. This got a good laugh and a promise of more sorted tales from a few of them, including the sheriff. Great bunch of guys.

Town is gearing up for the boat races at the end of this month. Boats come from all over the country, even some of the eastern provinces of Canada to compete. Normally I won’t come into town that weekend, but I happen to have a book signing that Saturday, so will have to brave the madhouse that will be on the roads that weekend.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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