This week’s news

Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

A few thunderstorms have moved through thus past week, giving us some much needed rain and slightly cooler temperatures.

We have been busy staining and sealing old tongue and groove flooring that came out of a 1930’s house last summer. We planed it, and now staining it and installing it.

Moved the “new” snowmobile into the snowmobile shed this week, I was tired of it being in my way every time I turned around.

This machine replaces the one that was wreaked earlier this year. Hopefully there will be no need to use it, but up here, anything goes.

I hauled home some large logs from my buddy Jim’s place. They were blown down two years ago during the bad wind storm we had. He doesn’t burn wood so they were just going to rot.

I am hoping to have them cut into slabs and nail them up on the bedroom walls to give it the look of a log cabin. Time will tell if I can get it done this year.

An elk past my front door this past week, though I have often heard them, and seen sign of them, I have never seen one. It was a treat to watch him walk past.

I haven’t seen mamma moose or her calf in a while. I think they might not like all the traffic thst has been up and down the mountain this year and have moved on to safer places.

I haven’t seen much of the Old loggers lately, we have been pretty busy around here. But I have run into a few of them in my travels to town for supplies, we say hi and move on. I guess we’re all pretty busy with this nice weather.

We have been wanting a guest cabin up here, since our cabin is just the one bedroom. Anyone coming to visit has to stay in town at night.

As luck would have it, I found a thirty foot travel trailer someone in town was giving away. After looking it over, I decided it didn’t need much work to make it a comfortable cabin and hauled it home. It wasn’t easy. There is a reason my old 5th wheel was given away after I was done taking what I wanted out of it. Hauling anything that heavy up an old logging road is a challenge. One I do not wish to repeat any time soon.

But it is here now and next spring, we will bring it up close to the woodshed and begin its transformation into a comfortable guest cabin.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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