This week’s news. Summer is coming to an end.

Early this week again, because I am in town with decent internet. Enjoy.


Well it’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

We have quietly slipped into August once again.

Summer is coming to an end. Tina is getting ready to go back to work driving a school bus. Teachers are finalizing lesson plans for the coming school year, and children are hoping for a few more sunny days, pushing their limits with frazzled parents before classes start again.

Up on the mountain, firewood is still the priority, early mornings are spent finding, hauling, cutting and stacking for the coming of old man winter.

I’m getting quite a lot done this year, a woodshed built, and now I’m building an attached shop that will encompasse the old truck body that we have been using as storage.

I turned the old truck body 90° and moved it further away from the woodshed, giving me seventeen feet in between for a nice small shop and a place to store the water trailer, wheelbarrow and other things that don’t really like being buried under winters snow.

My tools, such as the table saw, chop saw and other power tools will now reside in a dry place, instead of sitting on the porch where rain and snow can attack them.

Huckleberry season is at its peak, and the pickers have been swarming the mountain like locusts, hoping to get gallons of berries before the season ends in another week and the berries wither in the heat, food for only bears, chipmunks and other creatures of the woods.

Early in the week, Tina and I were invited to the camp of one of the old loggers. He and his wife own a stretch of land on the St. Joe river. They park an RV there during the summer months and spend weekends sitting in the chilly water of the river. We had a great day with them, even had a young moose cross the river above us, then make its way downstream to within a few hundred feet and watch the goings-on.

The days have been dry and hot, everyone is hoping for rain. The local forestry station has raised the fire danger to extremely high, and unless we get some rain soon, it will go higher.

They have once again banned anyone from using a chainsaw after a certain time of day, which is why I try and do my cutting in the brush very early, saving the cutting to length for the stove for my driveway, which is dirt, and sparks won’t start any fires.

Well that’s all the news for the week. Bye for now.


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