The weeks news… Is it an early spring?

It’s been another quiet week up here on the mountain, my little slice of heaven.

Spring is right around the corner; it appears to be arriving much too early on the mountain this year. Warm temperatures and lots of rain have been knocking the snow down quickly.  So much so that I can now drive the pickup to within a mile of the cabin, and if I wanted to waste the time putting on tire chains, I could most likely drive right into our driveway. Putting chains on and taking them off is time consuming, so I haven’t bothered.  We continue to ride the snowmobile down as far as possible, then hike across the ice and dirt to the truck. I am sure we will get a few more snow storms before spring officially arrives, but I don’t think they will amount to much.

Something odd this winter has been the lack of winter birds at our feeder. We bought seed this fall and filled it, but nothing has shown up, not even the annoying jays we had last year. I’m not sure what’s going on, and am a bit concerned by their absence. It looks like the seed will be going to feed the chipmunks when they come out this spring.

The UTV has broken down again; this machine has caused nothing but headaches since December. UTV’s are great, if not used as a daily driver when tracks are installed. My original plan, before meeting Tina, was to only come off the mountain a couple times a month. Therefore, the UTV would not be used all that much, and mechanical troubles would have been kept to a minimum. Tina and I have decided that this summer we will put some money into the snowmobiles and use them most of the winter time, only using the UTV when we have to haul up the monthly supplies. I also have two parts snowmobiles down on the lower lot, and I am thinking about pulling the skis off to build a bigger sled to haul in supplies, thus only using the UTV for things neither snowmobile can haul. My Arctic Cat is woefully under powered, but so far, it has managed to haul both of us and our supplies up without much complaint, since the other machine isn’t functioning properly yet. For a 43-year-old machine, it’s doing better than its newer counterparts. I can’t complain.

I haven’t seen much of the old loggers lately.  It seems the owner of My Kitchen has made them mad, and they have decided to take their business to some of the other eating establishments in town that open early. I don’t know what set them off, and haven’t gone looking for their new hangout when I’m in town. The sheriff and a couple of the old group still show up at My Kitchen, so I still go there hoping for some interesting story from the sheriff to add to my next book. So far, only one tale worth writing about was told, and I wasn’t there that day. I have been hounding him to retell the story, but he won’t yet. I already have a couple to add to the new book, but am hoping for at least one more. I guess I will have to spend more time at the diner.

I’m already planning my spring and summer projects, hoping to finish at least some of them before next winter. I have begun perusing the free sites online, looking for anything I can use up here to finish off at least a couple of rooms before next winter.  I’m sure something will pop up before too long.

Well, that’s al the news for the week. Bye for now.











2 thoughts on “The weeks news… Is it an early spring?

  1. Yes, an early spring indeed. Mud season is now upon us, the earliest we have seen it since we moved here. Our gravel road is holding, but spots are starting to dip more due to the thawing of the ground.

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